Best swim goggles for kids


Speedo Hydrospex Jr

The Speedo Hydrospex Jr are the perfect swim goggles for kids aged 6-14 years getting started out in swimming, whether it’s doing swim lessons, splashing around at the pool with friends, or getting started with a swim team.

Swim goggles are a critical accessory for kids learning the basics in the pool, as goggles help them see underwater and build water confidence.

The Speedo Hydrospex Jr features a soft and flexible gasket frame that is built to handle the active lifestyle of children. The lenses also have antifog and UV protection for clear, squint-free vision at the pool.

Side-mounted brackets make adjusting strap length a breeze, and the soft silicone head straps won’t tug or pull at a child’s hair.

Like most swim goggles for children, the gasket is one size fits all. Children with hard-to-fit faces may struggle with the fixed nose bridge on the Hydrospex Jr.

Speedo offers the Hydrospex in several different playful and vibrant color patterns.

Reasons to Buy:❌ Things to Note:
Best goggles for kids aged 6-14 yearsHard to fit faces might have a hard time with the one-size-fits-all goggle gasket
Soft and flexible gasket frame built for durability
Extra wide lens and skirt for a watertight seal
Multiple color and print options
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