Ten tips for your diet


This is the best way to start your competition

Tip 1: No experiments

During training, test what is best for you to eat before an intensive session so that no problems arise during exercise.

Tip 2: Drink a lot

Make sure that you are well hydrated at the start – ideally by drinking enough the day before the race.

Tip 3: Pasta party

Avoid eating high-fat sauces with your pasta the night before (e.g. cheese and cream sauces). A light tomato sauce is better.

Tip 4: Nutrition for the nerves

If you feel like chocolate the evening before the race, go ahead and grab it: a piece of nerve food certainly won’t do any harm.

Tip 5: Breakfast

Unless the competition takes place in the evening, you should only eat something that is easy to digest for breakfast – for example toast with jam or honey.

Tip 6: Caffeine

Avoid drinking coffee before competition if you are sensitive. Caffeine has a temporary diuretic effect.

Tip 7: Provisions

Remember that the time between arrival and departure can be long and stock up on healthy snacks beforehand. This can be a sandwich with lean turkey breast or rice pudding.

Tip 8: Three hours

Eat your last large meal at least three hours before the start and make sure that it contains little fat so as not to put unnecessary strain on your stomach.

Tip 9: Sugar

Shortly before the competition, avoid foods containing a lot of sugar – these would cause your blood sugar levels to rise unnecessarily and cause an insulin response to be too rapid.

Tip 10: Small portions

Avoid eating large quantities just before the race to avoid stomach problems during the race.

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