Three Easy Moves You Should Do for a Better Workout


To improve your workout, here are three easy moves that you should incorporate into your routine:

  1. Cross-Body Clean and Press: This exercise targets multiple muscle groups and helps improve strength and coordination. Start with a weight that allows you to complete about 12-15 total reps, but stop at ten to maintain proper form. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.
  2. Lizard Crawl: The lizard crawl is a challenging exercise that works on strength endurance and develops mobility. Aim to complete five rounds of one-minute crawls with 30-second rest times in between. This exercise engages the pushing muscles and provides a cardio workout as well.
  3. Bodyweight Rows or Arched Pull-Ups: These exercises target the back muscles and help improve upper body strength. Start with bodyweight rows and progress to arched pull-ups once you can perform sets of 3 x 15 with proper form. Perform 3 sets to failure with one minute of rest in between.

By incorporating these three moves into your workout routine, you can target multiple muscle groups, improve strength and endurance, and enhance your overall fitness level.

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